Also, new Savvy Mineral collection of cosmetic makeup line that  you can feel  confident

wearing and sharing.

These products are the purest in the world and beats the makeup and oils sold

on the market which are loaded with chemicals., and adulterated.Link text

Treat yourself and come sample these products at our next meeting in February.

Lavender for insomnia, Northern Lights Black Spruce, for massage and skin;

Frankencense for mature skin and growths, Peppermint for headaches and feet;

Rose for regenerating the skin; Rosemary, Sage and cedarwood for hair loss.

There is no other like these for purity and effectiveness!


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On Monday, Oct 27th at 7 pm I will be giving a

short presentation on the Philosophy of Health.  This

will help you to understand your body, and be in tune with

your body, mind, spirit and emotions,  You will discover what

the real philosophy behind health means and how to put it into


As well, I will introduce different pure essential oils that can help

heal and revitalize your spirit.

Bring a friend, let the whole world know that nobody has to be

sick, depressed, addicted or suffer in any way.  It is all about the

choices we make in our daily life.

See you all on Monday!

email for the address:


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There are many oils on the market, but many are

diluted with other oils and are not pure oils

I will be lecturing on the best oil to use.

I recently attended a conference on the purest healing oils, diffused

carefully without destroying the quality of the oil  These oils are made

from plants, flowers, bark, roots and contain the purest, providing healing

of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  These oils soothe, calm  and promote

well-being, revitalizing the skin, creating youthfulness and preventing

aging in men and women.

There will be a meeting to discuss further the importance of these

pure oils

Please email me at and inform me if you are interested

and for the location.

Call 778-340=7978, or email