Natures Health NEW … introducing Aromatherapy Essential Oils,

The oils used are all organic purest oils to be found.  They are not adulterated

with any other oils or fillers.  these oils heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Many have  ordered them time and again because of the healing  experienced.

Also I am introducing   a new  line of  SAVVY MINERAL  COLLECTION  which is a new line

of makeup  that gives you cosmetics you can feel  confidence wearing and sharing.

We encourage  everyone to come and sample these products and avoid the chemicals

used in everyday makeup and oils sold on the market.

For instance, …try  using Lavender for insomnia, Frankencense for skin and growths,

Peppermint for headaches and feet;  Rosemary and sage for hair loss, as well as

Cedarwood;    Northern Lights Black Spruce for massage, as well as adding this to  skin

care products. and Myrrh for wounds, scars and teeth. and there is so much more!

Watch for the next important meeting in February ….