Natural Hygiene

What Is Natural Hygiene?

Natural Hygiene was first practiced in a society of medical practitioners back in 1837 as an alternative to the poisoning practices of curing used at the time. These doctors taught their patients how to restore health using age old techniques of a healthy diet of simple, wholesome foods and pure water along with fresh air, rest, and exercise. Despite the simplicity of their methods, these doctors experienced tremendous results, and had no need for remedies, cures, drugs, medicine, purging, colonics, or herbs. Today, Natural Hygiene still follows these basic principles of “getting back to nature” for the key to true health and well being, and most teachers of true Natural Hygiene do not even need to use expensive herbs or vitamins because of the balance achieved in their diet programs.
The key to this diet, and health in general, is the human body’s requirement for a certain acid / alkaline balance to be healthy and free of disease, only achievable through consuming the proper balance of natural foods.

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