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REJUVENATE, RE-INVIGORATE, body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Not only does fasting help weight control, it has many other benefits, ie.

creates youthfulness, clear thinking, restores sight, hearing, sense of smell

taste and creates radiant  vibrant  health.

In l969 when my first child was having health challenges I wrote to Dr.

Herbert Shelton and he introduced us to Natural Hygiene, a Philosophy of

Health that we practice to this date, where healing has occurred for many,

including my child, in a very short time.

Cleansing and purifying the body, mind and spirit is an ancient way of

keeping the body in balance and is the greatest health and beauty secret for

today’s interest in anti-aging techniques, and in attaining and maintaining

the best of health.

Two reasons for disease:  toxins stored in the body, and inadequate nutrition,

causing stress…

To prepare for a fast with a special appointment will aid in

a very rewarding healing fast.

Natural Hygiene has taught us that exercise, sleep, rest, sunshine, positive attitude,

fasting and cleansing the body, as well as, a plant based nutritional program is the

answer to longevity and to be free of disease.

Make the choice today to change to live life to the fullest .  Heal and be happier, through

cleansing the whole body, using aromatherapy essential oils and living a wholesome

productive life.

Book your space today, as space is limited!

Keep your words sweet loving and kind!  Words have power,

Only speak the words that affirm the life you want to create and live!

See you in April for the best fast ever!



Spring, a time of transformation!  Everything in nature has come alive!

Fasting and De-Toxing the body allows the human spirit to also become new,

to experience life in a new light, so that one can –

Live with passion,

To open the doors of exploration,

To grow – to  expand, and

To remove stress

It is a chance to connect with the True Self-

Seeing everyone and everything as the Creator;s expression,

As we walk as CREATURES OF LIGHT, then Vitality will emerge

giving and receiving supreme strength in every way, every day.

Book your space today as April,May and June offers supervised water/juice,

7-day transformation at its best!  Experience the Real You!



Thee is so much fear surrounding cancer patients.

Yet, this disease can be the best teacher in life’s journey.

Cancer is known to be a group or nests of epithelial cells half-starved from lack of proper organic nourishment, thriving on concentrated starches and meats.

Tumors develop as a result of impurities in the blood stream.

coagulating in the blood vessels surrounding the tumor.

Surgery does not remove the cause of cancer and causes death in 50% of its victims while

colonic irrigations, coffee enemas, and using live juices and foods to develop

a strong immune system to conquer the disease helps the patient to heal.

One of the contributing factors in the development of cancer has been found in prolonged resentments,  Forgiveness is absolutely necessary!


There are many oils on the market, but many are

diluted with other oils and are not pure oils

I will be lecturing on the best oil to use.

I recently attended a conference on the purest healing oils, diffused

carefully without destroying the quality of the oil  These oils are made

from plants, flowers, bark, roots and contain the purest, providing healing

of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  These oils soothe, calm  and promote

well-being, revitalizing the skin, creating youthfulness and preventing

aging in men and women.

There will be a meeting to discuss further the importance of these

pure oils

Please email me at and inform me if you are interested

and for the location.

Call 778-340=7978, or email



There has been a Japanese company that is promoting Alkaline water

for good health,  This is because the average person’s diet is so acidic that they

thought by providing Alkaline Water that this would solve the problem.  It does not!

This is the latest fad to encourage you to buy a $5,000 unit to provide you with

water to alkalinize your body,  this is not true.  This is a piece of junk.

This water does not remove the acids and debris from your cells and tissues,

as this electrolysis  process does not destroy the micro-organisms and it is

NOT HEALTHY FOR HUMAN USE.  IT Only increases the acidity and it fails to

remove the metabolic residues from the cells,

Distilled water is acid water which cleanses, purifies and provides oxygen and

the necessary work of destroying the micro-organisms keeping the body

pure and alkaline.  Do not be fooled by false advertising,