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If you are not well, I can also arrange healthy foods and juices to be made at your home with the finest, healthiest ingredients.

Contact me today to arrange an appointment. Vancouver, BC, Bellingham, Washington and surrounding areas only.


POOR CHOICES—COMPROMISED DYSFUNCTIONAL IMMUNITY The spirit, the will to win, and the will to exceed are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur! Because we are making wiser choices, I hope you are not afraid or anxious, or experiencing mental anguish anymore, because you know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Prevention is Key to a healthy immunity! This Virus is a weapon which occurred accidantly or diliberatly, as stated by US Intelligence and government, and has created fear…which we know destroys the immune system. Most of those severely affected have had multiple health challenges already. Our body is constantly fighting viruses all around us, but our strong immune system is able to respond and manage it. Those with weakened immune system, a dysfunctioning immune system. are those that contract the virus. You can take control of your immune system True freedom and health is available to everyone. God has given us a body with amazing resilience. and this depends on what we put into our mouth on a daily basis. Are you getting sunlight, we have had incredible sunny days during this lock down? Are you taking Vit D 3 if not getting sunlight? How about Vit C and A from all the fresh fruits and vegetables available at our farmers markets? Your immune system wants to support you and achieve homeostasis. Do you want energy.vitality,knowledge, and freedom? If you need help in organizing a balanced nutritional program that defeats disease and creates a healthy immunity,please email or call me, I am here for you and to help you achieve your health potential and desires How we do this is with organic food, pure water,exercise,sun,etc Truth resonates Fear Resonates Seek the truth! The body is an amazing vessel, if we give it all the necessary ingredients for good health, and take away all the processed junk that is around us, we will attain and maintain a vigorously healthy immune system that will fight any virus, without taking a poisonous vaccine. Only you can achieve this! A higher octave of healthier lifestyle is the answer to PROTECT you from mandatory vaccines that never worked and is not the solution to this pandemic…as well as, more meditation to activate love, peace, bliss and oneness with God. Let us take advantage of this time and use it for spiritual inspiration, growth and freedom of disease. Abraham Lincohn once said “Those who deny freedom deserve it not to themselves and under the rule of a just God,cannot long retain it” MUSIC IS THERAPY- MUSIC HEALS! MUSIC CREATES! Take care of yourself and your family, Blessings to your health, wellness and spiritual growth, Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

INSOMNIA, WHY? Feeling tired, fatigue or sleepiness are all common experiences in today’s world. Yet, health care providers often dismiss these complaints, because the symptoms are universal and because it can be challenging to evaluate medically. While tiredness is often temporary, and can be easily treatable,, but can suddenly worsen, or can prevent you from doing what and can be a health problem or a sleep disorder. Sleep seems to be a canary in a coal mine, where it’s sensitive to all these things going on in the body. and when it starts changing,, you want to ask yourself, …what;s going on? Definitions are different in all these three symptoms… Sleepiness, for instance, is a need for sleep and that makes it difficult to stay awake.,even when driving, watching a movie,working, and even after ingesting caffeine. Fatigue, on the other hand, is a deeper, sort of inability, either physical or mental, , to do what you want to do… such as go to the grocery store, exercise,etc. Somewhere in the middle of tiredness,, a desire to rest that is less debilitating than fatigue, and less dramatic than sleepiness…you can still be productive while tired. If you are bothered by how tired you feel, it could be that there may be a simple explanation,…not enough sleep. According to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, 1/3 of North Americans do not get the recommended 7 or 8 hours per night….even 7 hours is not enough for most people. Sleep deprivation raises the risk for car accidents, and raises other health concerns, such as Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression. Lack of sleep can also affect mood, and relationships, in ways that even caffeine cannot remedy. Being tired is worth looking into. The body in its wisdom gives us messages and if we are attuned, it may be a good idea to pay attention to the signals which could mean lack of good nutrition, auto immune or thyroid problems, and may be wise to have evaluated. If nothing turns up in a regular clinic, it is worth seeing a sleep specialist. Sometimes it could be as simple as avoiding eating late at night, in order to receive healing sleep! Being tired is worth your attention Sleep regenerates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Music helps us sleep, Conquers depression, builds strong immunity! Music is therapy, music heals, Many Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

JUBILEE…Today, there is chaos around the world, in health, politics, suffering, climate,environment, etc. Yet, in our own little worlds, There is a time Not too far away When we no longer fight wars that do not belong to us When our hearts will be healed enough to no longer project our wounds unto another There is a time Not too far away When we see blessings, everywhere. in the water, our food, in a stranger’s eyes, When we know our children will hear more kind words that day then any other…when we all know we have the, POWER TO HEAL…and we honour the power, instead of the love of power… There is a time…. When helping Dr. Gabriel Cousens. at the Tree of Life Healing Centre, in Patagonia, Az, this above excerpt was taken from a hanging photo in the front entrance! Hope this February brings healing, hope and wellness to you all,, and, a reminder of the power to heal through fasting and cleansing the body, mind and spirit, so that you can be elevated to the throne of glory, enjoying life to the FULLEST! Reward yourself, ..Take the Time! Many Blessings to you!


On May 16th,I will discuss the ramifications of geoengineering,

or solar radiation management, and despite mountains of evidence and hundreds of patents,

this spraying of chemicals is still denied.  Look up at the sky….and see the long trails laid down

by aircraft stretching across the sky, which spread out, merge and create  a milky overcast haze.

Sunlight reaching the earth has fallen 22%,  while rainwater, soil , bark, human hair

and blood tests show high levels of aluminium, barium, strontium, metals listed in the above patents.

We have been breathing these highly toxic metals since the 1990’s., causing many diseases worldwide,Europe,China, North America,etc

Find out what we can do about preventing these evil destructive chemicals which are destroying life

on the planet.

Contact me for details on the Contact page here.


REJUVENATE, RE-INVIGORATE, body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Not only does fasting help weight control, it has many other benefits, ie.

creates youthfulness, clear thinking, restores sight, hearing, sense of smell

taste and creates radiant  vibrant  health.

In l969 when my first child was having health challenges I wrote to Dr.

Herbert Shelton and he introduced us to Natural Hygiene, a Philosophy of

Health that we practice to this date, where healing has occurred for many,

including my child, in a very short time.

Cleansing and purifying the body, mind and spirit is an ancient way of

keeping the body in balance and is the greatest health and beauty secret for

today’s interest in anti-aging techniques, and in attaining and maintaining

the best of health.

Two reasons for disease:  toxins stored in the body, and inadequate nutrition,

causing stress…

To prepare for a fast with a special appointment will aid in

a very rewarding healing fast.

Natural Hygiene has taught us that exercise, sleep, rest, sunshine, positive attitude,

fasting and cleansing the body, as well as, a plant based nutritional program is the

answer to longevity and to be free of disease.

Make the choice today to change to live life to the fullest .  Heal and be happier, through

cleansing the whole body, using aromatherapy essential oils and living a wholesome

productive life.

Book your space today, as space is limited!

Keep your words sweet loving and kind!  Words have power,

Only speak the words that affirm the life you want to create and live!

See you in April for the best fast ever!

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