Pythagoras, a mathematical genius, 800 BC, taught that
music contributed to health and if used in an appropriate manner,  meaning, healing  high frequency music,  can replace medicine., as it facilitates spontaneous healing for
the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

This ancient secret  of biology and medicine, has had
transformational impact on lives centuries ago, and
to this date.
Vibration exists at the heart of all matter in the universe.
Every raindrop, crystal, rock, star,cell, plant, tree,creature,
even the song of a bird, is formed  from matter that vibrates.
We, humans, are vibrational organisms, and our flesh
consists of a delicate trace of electromagnetic
frequencies that harmonize with each other and manifest as
biological matter that comprises our bodies.

Today, music therapy is an established clinical discipline
and is widely used  in many areas.
The individual frequencies  within music support healing  of the
body., which act as a form of medicine.

The sound of specific frequency is able to energize, and
stimulate the cells to support them back to a healthy state.
Whenever we are immersed  in sound,  the membranes of our cells receive beautiful patterns, provided the sound
is harmonious and healing to our ears and body.

It is very important to listen to  the correct acoustic
frequency to promote cellular division and stimulate  a therapeutic  response.
The Pythagoran 2800 year old  hypothesis is bringing a bright
future for sound, music  healing  and could alleviate
many illnesses without ingesting foreign chemical
substances into our bodies
Listen daily to therapeutic music!

Take a look at Wholetones, The Healing Frequencies,
where you can listen on UTube for free to the music
that is right for you! This is healing music


BEST food to stimulate new growth hormones,
antioxidants, ability to reproduce, for the
constitution…..soak overnight, use in smoothies, juices,
This is a Primary gene builder.

GINSENG – (at least 7 years old..)
BEST food for life force (chi)
Expands brain function
Expanding size of the brain,
focus, concentration, memory, concentration.

HELPS  brain function, memory, brain function, heart..
deep thinking, wisdom,   liver function, and skin.

Remember to think of cleansing and purifying your body
this spring and I am pleased to supervise you during this
time, which is the secret to good health and longevity.

Enjoy the snowy weekend, and , be careful driving,
Many blessings,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

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