NOTHING helps to appreciate good health more than
losing it.
In my earlier years I have had multiple health challenges, and then,
When I became pregnant I had four spontaneous
miscarriages.  This was difficult to face.
And, then the first child came after a very difficult
pregnancy, who suffered a lot in the first year of his life.

In my search I had my prayers answered , and after
reading books, placed in my path,  I found the answers
to Perfect Health, and had Doctor Mentors who
introduced me to the Philosophy of Health, and this
information, like no other, has led me to return to
study and achieve degrees so I can help the
suffering world.

It takes hard work, diligence, patience and
consistent care, that is, loving yourself enough
to make lifestyle changes, and to share  a lifestyle
that brings optimum health with family, friends and
the world.

No longer is my family, or myself. burdened with
health burdens, and can enjoy life to the fullest…
That means,

*Having Great Energy and Vitality
*Beautiful  radiant skin
*Pain free
*Restful sleep
*Balanced hormones
*Clear eyes, good hearing and vision
*Balanced moods
*A lack of anxiety
*A zest for life
*Superior Nutrition, Plant based
*Good fats, (avocado,nuts,seeds)

And remember…these are the foods with
the lowest  vibration…
*Breads, pastries, donuts
*All sugars and alcohol
*All processed, canned and  boxed
*All oils, except for Flax seed oil
*All pasteurized foods

Going back to garden foods is the key to
good health…

Fill your own cup first, in ways that  refresh and renew
your life so that you always have  Enormous vitality
and passion to care for yourself and your family.

Last but not least, be sure to set aside time for fasting as spring
approaches….the best time to cleanse and purify
your body, mind and spirit so that you can radiate
health to the universe.
I still have space for fasting during the month of month
of March…book it soon!


Many Blessings to you and yours,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

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