Perfect Health for the rest of life

Having trouble finding out what the best nutritional program can do for you,

then have a health analysis and a dietary program designed just for you and your

particular needs.  Find out how a simple cleanse can rejuvenate and revitalize your

whole body.

The Philosophy of Health

On Wednesday, October lst, 2008, a new course is offered at Capilano University,  from 7-9:30pm

until October 22nd.

If you would like to have optimum health for the rest of life, energy, vitality, zeal and be a

productive happy person come and learn about prevention and the key to longevity.

Fasting in health and disease

Fasting is the oldest, and quickest way to get rid of fat, to improve your life and productivity and to feel younger, healthier, vibrant, more energetic and alive.

Find out how you can get started.

Give your body a rest and transform your life.

Iridology – the key to discovering your health potential

The eye is the chief channel of the soul’s expression.  Joy brightens  and opens the eyes and true health creates joy and enthusiasm.

Have your eyes read so you can attain and maintain optimum health for the rest of life.  Iridology is a science that is accurate and deals with the whole body, mind and spirit.  When we treat the whole body, we get rewarding  results.



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